The ESSE Institute was founded in 1987 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is part of a worldwide network of non-profit Institutes all over the world. The name “ESSE” is an abbreviation of “European Sathya Sai Education” and is also the Latin word for “to be”.

Since the early years it has been conducting value-based seminars for teachers and educators, and others interested in bringing the universal human values into their professions as well as their personal lives.

The scope of activities has first and foremost been training the teachers and educators for teaching of children.

At the same time coordination of SSEHV throughout the European countries has been promoted including exchange of experiences and research into the methodology. In each of the European countries there are teachers and also teacher-trainers of Sathya Sai Education associated with the ESSE Institute.

Since 1992 meetings of all European teacher-trainers, including representatives of now sovereign countries of the former Soviet-Union, are held every second year. Here the trainers exchange experiences and reach joint decisions on improvements. The meetings also serve the purpose of holding on to a unified approach, aiming at excellence in teaching Sathya Sai Human Values.

In later years the training was extended to teaching parents and adults at large.

The latest development is bringing the universal Human Values also into different professional fields like economy, management, medicine and social related professions.

Aims and Objectives

ESSE in Latin means ‘to be’ which describes symbolically the aim of this unique programme. This matches perfectly the new focus in education promoted in the UNESCO Report by Delors (see under Philosophy).

Main aims of the ESSE Institute are:

  • to develop a deeper understanding of the Universal Human Values Truth, Right Conduct, Love, Peace and Nonviolence as guiding principles to a harmonious development of personal and social life;
  • to initiate a learning process that transforms man and inspires to live a life based on the spiritual principle of the Universal Human Values;
  • to support the participants in their efforts to implement the human values successfully in education as well as all in aspects of life;
  • to inspire the participant
    • to become aware of his/her true identity within and to further the ability to act from this level of consciousness;
    • to apply to his/her own daily life Universal Love and Excellence and thereby to fill his/her life with harmony and lasting happiness.

Objectives are:

  • To promote and implement programmes in Sathya Sai Education in Human Values. This is done through formal, non-formal and informal education based on the universal aspects of European Culture. These programmes are for children and adults from all walks of life.

    To ensure this objective, the ESSE Institute offers a Standardized Training Programme

    • for professional teachers/educators within the formal educational system
    • for professions outside the formal educational system
    • for adults, families and youth

    See the Programme page.

  • To ensure the authenticity of the SSEHV Programme based on the philosophy of Sathya Sai Educare and the pedagogy of Integral Education.